What do West Hollywood orthodontics do?

West Hollywood orthodontics

As we know, oral health also plays an important role in overall well-being. So, people often associate a perfect smile with good health. Sensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, malocclusion, misaligned teeth, and pain or difficulty in chewing can lead to dental issues. So, if you are someone with any dental issue then you are not the only one as in this world not everyone is born with strong and straight teeth. However, you do not need to worry because any type of dental issue has a solution. You just need to consult the best West Hollywood orthodontics. By seeing an orthodontist, you can bring your confidence back to your smile.

The most common dental issue is a misalignment of jaws and teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontists report, nearly half of the developed world’s population has severe malocclusion. Malocclusion means the teeth are not properly aligned. 

What do orthodontists treat?

Orthodontics uses removable, adjustable, and fixed dental devices to treat different dental issues. These devices can include braces, retainers, and bands. These devices help in changing and correcting the misaligned teeth in the correct position. Further, they also treat different types of dental issues such as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Large space between the teeth
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Bite problem such as an underbite or an overbite 

The main purpose is to improve the bite of patients. Strong, straight, and evenly spaced teeth will be aligned with the opposing teeth in the jaw. So having a healthy bite means you can eat, chew, and speak properly. In the past, seeing an orthodontist was associated with only children and teenagers who need braces. But now, you can see an orthodontic for any dental issue as they work with any dental issue of all ages. 

Why consult a West Hollywood orthodontist?

The most common reason why people see an orthodontist is because of malocclusion and misalignment of teeth. Both malocclusion and misalignment of teeth can be hereditary. Usually, these issues occur when the size between the upper and lower jaw or between the teeth and the jaw is different. So, people with malocclusion can have misshapen jaws, tooth overcrowding, and irregular bites. Methods like braces or dental appliances and surgery are used for the treatment.

Braces or dental appliances

In this braces or dental appliances method, the orthodontist uses tools like metal, plastic square bonds, and ceramic. So, they attached this brace to the teeth with the help of a spring or set of wires. The brace helps in aligning the misaligning teeth in the correct position. However, the orthodontist will use clear braces (aligners) instead of traditional braces to treat a minor case of malocclusion. 


The orthodontist uses this surgical procedure in treating major cases such as people with severe overbites and underbites. This procedure helps in lengthening and shortening the jaw.

In this surgical procedure, the orthodontist uses devices like surgical screws, plates, and wires to support the jaw bone. However, the orthodontist will use this procedure only when little invasive orthodontic treatments have been unsuccessful and also when you have finished growing your teeth.

The following are some of the dental issues that can be treated by using surgical procedures:

  • Relieving the pain from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)
  • Improving facial symmetry and overall appearance
  • Separating teeth from overcrowding makes cleaning much easier. This also helps in preventing tooth decay and cavities.
  • Making biting, chewing, and speaking much easier

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