Seven Reasons Why You Need Knee Replacement Surgery

Reasons for a Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement surgery replaces a part or whole of an injured or worn-out knee. This surgery alleviates knee joint pain and improves flexibility. In this procedure, the damaged cartilage and bone are replaced with metal and plastic parts.

To determine whether you need knee replacement surgery, your surgeon will consider a few things. They will conduct X-rays to examine the extent of the damage and check the range of motion, strength, and stability of your knee before suggesting replacement surgery.

The appropriate surgical techniques and artificial joints depend on your age, weight, and overall health. Factors such as knee size, knee shape, and activity level are also considered.

This article will give you valuable insights into the reasons why you may require knee replacement surgery.

Reasons for a Knee Replacement Surgery

How would you know that you need a knee replacement? Certain scenarios make you a candidate for knee replacement surgery. These are:

● Ineffective Non-Surgical Treatments

If you are diagnosed with knee arthritis, your doctor may treat you with conservative measures. These include steroid injections, medications, physical therapy, etc. Even though these techniques might alleviate the persisting symptoms, the underlying problem will not be cured.

With time, arthritic conditions tend to become more severe. Thus, conservative treatments become less effective. At that point, your doctor will recommend knee replacement surgery.

● Severe Arthritis

If you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-injury arthritis, you might experience severe knee joint pain. Arthritis affects the knee and results in the loss of cartilage. It is very painful and leads to loss of motion.

When these symptoms become very severe, your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery. It is because the surgical procedure will provide considerable relief by replacing the worn-out knee surfaces with prostheses.

● Stringent Pain Even While Resting

You might experience severe knee pain even while you are resting. Experiencing consistent pain even at night is debilitating. If your underlying conditions do not respond well to conservative measures, you might need surgery.

● Incapable of Performing Normal Activities

Severe knee pain can interfere with your normal life. You may lose the capability to perform regular activities. In such cases, you will require knee replacement surgery.

● Deformed Knee Structure

Advanced arthritis is very likely to affect the way you walk and move. It can also lead to other problems elsewhere in your body. As your arthritis progresses, your knees might become bowed, thereby making you “knock-kneed.” When this kind of deformity develops, your doctor might recommend complete knee surgery.

● Swollen Knee

If you notice that your knee is unusually swollen, it is a probable sign that other conservative treatments are not working. A knee that is consistently swollen despite anti-inflammatory medications suggests cartilage degeneration. In such cases, you will need total knee replacement surgery.

● Lack of Mobility

If you are diagnosed with arthritis in your knee joint, you won’t be able to perform certain activities. To retain your capability to do the same, you might need knee replacement surgery.

This surgery can help restore your knees’ mobility and function. Thus, you will be able to carry on with your regular activities normally without experiencing pain.

To Conclude

A knee replacement surgery typically helps in relieving a painful condition. If you ever experience any of the above situations, your doctor will most likely recommend you knee replacement surgery.

Please note that knee replacement surgery is cost-effective and has successful outcomes in many reputed hospitals including BLK Max Hospital.

You can know more about knee replacement surgery cost and more about its procedure here. If you experience severe pain in the knees, consult the specialists to ascertain whether a knee replacement is right for you.

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