6 tech updates were revealed at Apple’s iPhone 15 event.

iPhone 15
CNN – During its crucial September event on Tuesday, Apple introduced its iPhone 15 series in addition to other critical changes. The business, which has relied on its exclusive Lightning charging cord for 11 years, revealed that it will transition to USB-C charging with its iPhone 15 series. The eventual aim of this move is to standardize charging across multiple manufacturers and devices.
Along with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds with USB-C charging, Apple also debuted its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches. These devices include new colors and functionalities, such as gesture control.
Apple released the updated iPhone charger at a time when it wanted to give customers more reasons to upgrade their iPhones. Last month, Apple’s sales fell for the third straight quarter. Due to people’s fewer regular gadget upgrades, iPhone revenue for the quarter was up to $39.7 billion, which was down almost 2% from the same period last year.
On Tuesday, Apple said that it would not raise the pricing of the iPhone 15 series, potentially enticing people to upgrade.

The following are the main highlights from Apple’s event on Tuesday:

The iPhone 15 lineup features numerous notable design updates. The newest iPhones have a familiar appearance yet feature numerous significant design updates. First off, the design is now thinner and more streamlined than before thanks to the titanium casing that is now a feature of both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Other design modifications are present in premium variants, such as a larger 48-megapixel main camera with a 5x optical zoom, especially on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Along with the Ring/Silent button and a second Action Button that offers more control over voice memos and note-taking, the new Pro versions also have curved edges.
 Updates to the base iPhone 15 phones include improved image stabilization, 2x optimization, and performance when taking pictures and videos in low light and with more colors, as well as Portrait mode with the “Dynamic Eye” tool – a location for alerts, information, and other controls that were previously only available on the iPhone 14 Pro.
The iPhone 15 series also comes with an Ultra Wideband processor to support new features that make it simpler to locate people who share their position in busy places.
The iPhone 15 is available in two sizes, 6.1 inches for the iPhone 15 and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Pro, and five colors: white, black, pink, green, and yellow.
While the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999, the iPhone 15 starts at $799. Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 variants begin on Friday, and the devices will go on sale on September

A Joint Initiative for Universal Charging

The transition to USB-C charging cords may be the biggest shift coming with the iPhone 15 models. The 11-year existence of Apple’s exclusive Lightning charging cord comes to an end with this.
Instead of having to find the appropriate charger for each device, Apple owners can now charge their iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers using the same USB-C adapters. According to Apple, the iPhone 15 Pro’s dedicated USB-C controller will enable 20 times quicker transfer speeds than USB-2 technology.
Less than a year has passed since the European Union approved laws mandating that by 2024, all tiny gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable speakers, and other similar items, will be able to charge through USB-C. The regulation, which is the first of its type, aims to encourage consumers to purchase new gadgets in order to replace older ones and their chargers while also allowing customers to combine devices and chargers from various manufacturers.
Additionally, Apple will offer a $29 USB-C Lightning adaptor so customers may connect their current Lightning accessories to iPhones and iPads that support USB-C.
According to the firm, its in-store recycling program allows owners of used Lightning chargers for iPhones to recycle them.

Apple Watches in the Future

The new Apple Watch Series 9, which has an in-house silicon processor and ultra-wideband connection, was unveiled on Tuesday to start off Apple’s presentation. With the latest Apple Watch, users may record health information verbally, transfer contact information by tapping another Apple Watch, and lift their wrist to turn on the display automatically. Colors available for Series 9 include pink, blue, crimson, gold, silver, and graphite.
Apple also announced the improved S9 custom processor and a new UWB chip for more precise tracking, including additional information on the display, in the second generation of its tough Ultra Smart Watch series.
Priced at $799 for the Ultra, the Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $399. Orders placed by customers today will be sent on September 22.
Apple’s signals indicate that Lightning connections won’t be used in the future.
With its forthcoming Watch Series 9 and pricey Ultra 2 Watch, Apple is proposing a novel and distinctive method of controlling its smartwatches. It’s called “Double Tap,” and it lets users tap their index and thumb together to carry out a variety of tasks including taking or finishing phone calls, playing and pausing music, or dozing off alarms. The finger motion may also be used to browse between widgets, much like the digital crown.
The business said that a more sophisticated neural engine that analyzes sensor and machine learning data had improved Double Tap. It tracks variations in blood flow when you touch your two fingers together. Next month, this functionality will be accessible.
The Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset will be released next year with the same hand gesture control.

Apple will unveil its new iPhone features the following week.

On September 18, Apple’s newest iPhone software will be accessible for download. The firm unveiled a number of new capabilities for iOS 17 in June, including improved accurate speech recognition and a function dubbed Live Speech Mail that transcribes voicemails in real-time. The Hang Up button will also be moved to the bottom right corner of the screen by the phone app for easy access.
Enclosed Audio, which adapts noise cancellation and loudness according to your surroundings, and Conversation Mode, which changes the sound to your preferences when you start chatting to someone, are additional features that will be added to AirPods Pro with this update.

Advancements in Environmental Initiatives

As a result of initiatives to lessen its carbon footprint and completely offset carbon emissions, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental, Policy, and Social Initiatives, declared that the firm is launching a “carbon-neutral product” with its Watch Series 9. She said that a team from a third party had confirmed this.
Jackson doubled down on the company’s environmental initiatives by mentioning that leather will no longer be used in any future Apple products, including Watch Bands. Apple is instead rolling out a new fabric called “Thickened Textile.”
When compared to leather, Apple’s excellent workmanship will use 68% post-consumer recycled materials, greatly lowering its carbon footprint.
After the presentation, Thomas Husson, a principal analyst at Forrester, made the following statement in an email: “Expectations of improved performance and added novelty in Apple’s new products, beyond Apple’s anticipated focus on sustainability, are great to see as they challenge Apple’s competitors.”

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