Pilonidal Cyst: List the main reasons that make a person more vulnerable to this issue

Pilonidal Cyst treatment

As we know, the Pilonidal cyst is similar to a small duct filled with an abscess inside that causes a lot of pain and discomfort to the person, we still have no particular reason that causes the cyst. The doctors explain a few reasons but they too cannot count on a single or two major reasons for it. So, they have a list of conditions that contribute to the occurrence of this kind of cyst in the human body. Let’s check out each:

Main reasons that trigger the diseases:

Jobs that need prolonged sitting:

If a person has a sitting job and he stays in his chair for the whole day, the chances of forming a pilonidal cyst are much more as compared to those who keep on moving here & there. They do not move or keep standing in between the breaks which keep putting pressure on their tailbone area. This is the place where you can see this kind of cyst and the more a person ignores walking around after regular intervals of time, the more he is prone to this disease. So, if you are repeating the same mistake, it’s time for a change. In case you already have a cyst, then find the best pilonidal cyst treatment to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Excessive Body hair:

Well, some people have normal hair growth whereas some have a lot of hair growing on their entire body. Heavy hair growth is not a problem, but sometimes the hair strands start growing inwards making a duct-like shape inside the hair follicle and causing pain and irritation. In a few days the duct gets filled with an abscess which needs to be removed and cleaned else it may cause other serious issues. If you have this issue, it’s better to go to the doctor and start with your pilonidal cyst treatment.


Obesity is the root cause of many problems in our bodies. If you are overweight, it may cause high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, fatty liver, kidney issues, and a lot more. You have to reduce your extra body weight to stay healthy and keep all these issues at bay. Also, if you are obese, it may trigger the issue of a pilonidal cyst. You can find in the tailbone area of our body and it is a duct-like structure with pus inside. So, you need to consult a doctor or a surgeon to remove it and get relief from that pain and irritation.  


Here we can conclude with the fact that there are several reasons for Pilonidal cysts but the only remedy is to get it removed as soon as possible. Else, it may trouble you beyond your imagination.

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