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Driving a car with a manual transmission seems unusually difficult for beginners. If you took driving lessons in mechanics at a driving school, you got sufficient basic skills and the necessary experience to drive a car in any condition. But abilities are lost due to insufficient practical training or a long break between completing a driving school and purchasing a vehicle. Or are you planning to learn how to drive a car? If you have step-by-step instructions at hand and follow all the steps in order, automatic driving lessons conducting a mechanic ceases to be a problem even for a beginner, automatic driving lessons.

Pros and cons of manual transmission

The main difference between a manual and automatic transmission is that the cars of the entire control are in manual mode. The driver independently selects the gearbox stages for the appropriate situation, automatic driving lessons. In this case, you must rely mostly on your experience, automatic driving lessons in Birmingham the sound of the engine, and the readings of the tachometer and speedometer.

The advantages of a manual transmission are known:

  • The ability to drive in economy mode to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Maintainability and ease of maintenance of most models of manual transmissions.
  • Higher resources and reliability due to the absence of complex electronic components and control units.
  • Possibility of towing the car with a rope.
  • You can start the engine from the “pusher” and charge a dead battery by connecting it to the barrage of another car.
  • With proper skills, it is safer to drive a car on ice than automatic transmission.
  • Using a manual transmission allows you to extract the maximum power from the car. As a rule, car configurations with manual transmission are distinguish by faster acceleration to 100 km / h and an increase amount of l / s.

However, manual transmission also has several disadvantages:

  • Due to the third pedal (clutch), learning to drive a car from scratch is much more complicate – you must perform several actions simultaneously to move.
  • Driving a car in traffic jams and heavy traffic is not comfortable – you must constantly squeeze the clutch and switch to neutral gear.
  • There is a risk of stalling, damaging the gearbox, clutch and other units
  • There is a risk of stalling and damaging the gearbox, clutch and other departments.
  • Also, you can learn how to drive in an automatic transmission – you can register here https://justpass.uk/.

How to drive a car with a manual transmission?

First, after you get into the car, you need to familiarize yourself with the location of the gears. After all, different checkpoints imply their other location and number. Gear shifting on the go should be brought to automaticity. You should not lower your eyes to the gearshift knob. All attention should be focused on the road.

How to get moving

  • Press the clutch pedal down with your left foot.
  • Engage the first gear with the gearshift lever.
  • Smoothly and slowly loosen the clutch pedal until the car gives a slight push (the engine crankshaft and the gearbox transfer shaft seize).
  • Simultaneously with the push, lightly press the gas pedal with your right foot. The left foot should continue to release the clutch smoothly. If you suddenly release the pedal, the car will stall.
  • When the car slowly starts to move, it is necessary to increase the pressure on the gas pedal while removing your foot from the clutch.
  • Note! All movements must be performed smoothly and slowly. Since this is the most challenging skill for any beginner, starting is practices many times in practical classes at the Kyiv driving school.

Gear shifting on the go

  • Accelerate the car to the speed necessary for switching the gearbox. Gasoline engines, as a rule, should be “spun” to 2500-3500 rpm before switching, diesel engines – up to 2000-3000 rpm.
  • Release the gas, squeeze the clutch, and move the gearshift lever to the next step.
  • Release the clutch. This can no longer be done as smoothly as when moving from a standstill, but it is recommends to keep going slowly.
  • Press the gas again to regain the lost engine speed, automatic driving lessons.


Downshifting a gearbox is requiring in several cases: if it is necessary to break the engine during icy conditions, if there is a loss of speed, a decrease in rate, or if driving downhill.

The driving school “Just Pass” is one of the best automatic driving instructor Birmingham in the capital, where you can get basic driving skills at the checkpoint and bring the existing ones to perfection. Furthermore, our driving teachers will help you quickly master the technique of manual transmission control, after which you can confidently drive any car.

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