Warm Throw Blankets You Can Use Anywhere in Adelaide

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One of the most effective unwinding accessories you can buy is a warm throw blanket in Adelaide. Throws are surely comforting when you’re sleeping, but they can also be stunning accent pieces that define the look of a space. In addition, they are not that pricey. Regardless of your budget, whenever you’re purchasing a throw, you must ensure it is voguish and made from a material you adore. Therefore, you can opt for fabrics like Merino wool throw blankets, which are always trendy. In addition, Merino wool is a particularly safe natural option for your infants.

Trendy Throw Blankets for Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Several brands sell throw blankets made of different materials. However, not all throws are made of the best quality. Here is one of Adelaide’s top warm throw blankets for indoor and outdoor use.

1. Waffle Throw- Merino Wool Warm Throw Blanket

This modern Merino wool warm throw blanket in Adelaide would be an excellent addition to your home. This silky merino wool throw in a herringbone pattern with a lovely fringe finish is super soft. It is one of the most lavishly warm throw blankets, made from wool produced in the Adelaide Hills, and it was fashioned from superfine 17-micron Merino. Because Merino is so highly breathable and temperature-regulating, it’s a fantastic material choice for staying warm indoors and outdoors without being stuffy and overheated, ensuring your comfort at all times.

Its dimensions, 120 x 180cm (47 x 71 inches), make it the perfect size for cuddling under. In any weather, you’ll be comfortable thanks to the super soft and breathable fabric. We advise a cool hand wash and line drying to guarantee that your new throw lasts for many years. They can also be dry-cleaned.

Modern Merino items are not made from the usual wool, which can be scratchy and unpleasant. Because they use 17-micron superfine Merino, their goods are incredibly soft, regulate body temperature, and even wick away sweat to keep you warm but comfortable.

2. Herringbone Wool Throw Blanket

This herringbone throw has a gorgeous fringe finish and is quite soft. This all-natural warm throw blanket in Adelaide was made from wool created in the Adelaide Hills, and 17 micron Merino was used to making it, which was grown on farms. Merino is a material that is highly breathable and temperature-regulating, which is why it’s a great material choice that keeps you warm without making you feel very hot, ensuring you are comfortable at all times. By express post, these wool throws are shipped all around Australia. In addition, these are weaved in a conventional herringbone pattern with a beautiful tassel fringe. It is made from absorbent material and is also great for your little ones regardless of the weather.

Using natural, biodegradable fibre can avoid adding harmful microplastics to the environment. Therefore, all modern Merino products, including warm throw blankets and Australian merino wool scarf, naturally decompose into the soil where new life can flourish.


Modern Merino throws are composed of 100% superfine merino, which is incredibly soft and breathable to ensure comfort while also being a natural choice for keeping warm. Therefore, you can use these warm throw blankets in Adelaide for indoor and outdoor use without any worries.

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