Simple Joker Kids Drawing Images | Drawing Tutorial

Simple Joker Kids Drawing Images | Drawing Tutorial

Kids Drawing Images will quickly learn how to sketch the Joker. The drawing for kids, pencil sketch drawing, and drawing instruction for beginners all incorporate this video. The Joker is drawn, plainly, and step-by-step in the Kids Drawing Images DVD.

Easy Joker Illustration

The best learning drawing videos are available on this website for beginners and kids, enabling them to pick up art quickly and. You will move forward in this way. You can quickly learn how to draw the Joker by following the instructions. On our website, you may find many free videos for drawing and sketching.

These classes are designed to teach children and beginners to sketch quickly. If you want to get better at drawing, especially if you’re a beginner or a young person who wants to learn how to draw quickly and effortlessly, watch more videos and courses.

Drawing the Joker Step by Step


  • This first step will help you discover how to sketch the Joker quickly. We’ll start by looking at the Joker’s facial structure, starting with the shape of his mouth.
  • The Joker’s forehead, commonly known as the top of the head, will be sculpted first, and then the face’s contour will be worked on. After that, the lines for the chick and the Joker’s chin will be drawn.


  • In the next level, we’ll practice drawing practice sketch the Joker. The Joker’s head hair on the left side will now be our focus. As a result, we will shape the hair, and you can shape the hair according to your preferences.
  • The Joker’s ear form will be the subject of our further investigation. Once this process is finished, the second side of the hairs on the Joker’s head will be created.


  • In the third phase, we’ll keep refining our rapid joker drawing that we started in step two. Our next stage will be to determine the Joker’s body’s shape. As a result, we will design the Joker’s cloth.
  • We’ll start by working on the Joker’s shoulder before moving on to the tie and the curler on top of it.
  • Fashion also refers to the design of the clothing itself. After this step, we’ll move on to creating the button for the toolkit. We’ll start drawing the Joker’s coat outline at this stage.


  • We’ll work on the Joker’s face in the fourth phase by hastily sketching him. It’s time to perform our best joker impression at this point. We’ll start by drawing the Joker’s eyebrow and mustache. The Joker’s nose and eye will then be shaped after this.
  • The Joker’s eye will be created, and we will design around it. The Joker’s lips will then be drawn after we have created the nose’s shape. Next, draw the minuscule lines representing the Joker’s upper and lower lips and teeth. Then create the other eye. In the fifth stage, an identical design is.


  • In the fifth stage, we will work f the joker. With the black pointer, now make the lines darker. We shall now color it. The Joker’s lips and nose should first be colored. The eyebrow Jokeraso will then be colored green.

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