Organizing A Hybrid Conference: Here Are The Tips, Tricks & Tools

Organize A Hybrid Conference

Hybrid Conferences are the new age reality as you cannot always host an in-person conference. Nowadays, many companies and the majority of corporate houses have adopted the hybrid working model to make sure the team is connected for meetings. Using the hybrid conference platform is most required, without this, it will be not possible to get connected for all your meetings. 

However, there are many event tech companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other middle east cities that are now offering dedicated virtual platforms for meetings. But just leveraging the hybrid meeting platform does not assure a successful conference. There are many things that need to be counted. So, here in this blog, we are going to cover all of those. So, let’s start;

Why go hybrid?

Hybrid events allow attendees to attend in person while still being accommodating to those who must or wish to participate from home. Among the advantages of hybrid events are:

  • Global readership with a larger demographic
  • More diverse call-ins and guest speakers More approachable and friendly
  • Many people can afford to attend from home
  • Benefits will be covered in more detail below.

According to recent research, 25% of the questioned organizers want to hold 5–10 hybrid events annually, and 34% of organizers predict they will increase their investment in hybrid events in the next years.

The Most Effective Method To Plan Your Hybrid Event

There isn’t a single “optimal approach” to set up or segment a hybrid event. There is just one thing that is best for you and your group. If you can, ask your members what they would prefer in a poll. Do what works best for you and don’t be scared to deviate from any templates you discover online. In addition, keep in mind that every type of platform is not for you, if you are hosting a product launch event leverage a hybrid launch platform. Same in the segment if conducting a fest then a hybrid fest platform. 

Combining And Matching Event Schedules

Even though all hybrid events have both physical and virtual components, they might not necessarily involve the same occurrences. Some organizations want the online event to be exactly like live events, with online streaming of all the in-person networking and speaker sessions. Others, however, have significant variances in the way the online and offline components are structured.

For instance, online attendees have access to online-only breakout spaces for networking as well as some of the live speaker sessions and panels.

The Advantages Of Hybrid Events

Hybrid conferences have special benefits because they incorporate the best elements of both virtual events and more conventional, in-person gatherings (such as increasing the accessibility of your conference content). Among the benefits of events or hybrid meeting platforms are the following:

  • Cost-effective and economical choice
  • interacting with more people
  • Using conference materials again for ongoing education
  • Promote your company as a pioneer in technology.

Other Hybrid Event Types

One of the numerous events you can host as hybrid events is conferences.

People can now watch your events from home thanks to streaming and hybrid show platform like Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube live streaming. These choices are excellent for lunch and learn open or free speaker sessions and other instructional programs.

Conferences, webinars, and other business events can all be held as hybrid events. We have a few suggestions if you want to use hybrid events to engage with both current and future members.

  • Courses in cooking
  • Games
  • Quiz nights
  • Art lessons
  • Comedy events
  • Yoga or other wellness pursuits

Three Crucial Resources for Planning a Hybrid Conference

You’ll need the appropriate tools to make planning, marketing, and hosting a successful hybrid conference possible. While there are many event management options available to you, we suggest giving the following three tools priority:

Plan To Manage Virtual Events Or Hybrid Events

In order to share your conference online, you must first have virtual event software. Select a tool that enables you to build one-day or multi-day events with ease, stream your entire hybrid events live, and make virtual events simple to set up, share, and manage.

Software For Managing Members

By inviting and registering your members directly from your own membership management software, you may save time and avoid an additional headache. Additionally, you can check evaluations of your event’s success from guests and gather their post-event feedback. Choose a tool (like Dreamcast in Dubai or the entire United Arab Emirates!) that connects with and/or incorporates both a virtual event platform and marketing software.

Promotional Stuff

You may develop and implement a full marketing strategy for your hybrid event with the aid of a comprehensive marketing platform. Send out email reminders to attendees, post information about your event on your social media channels with your association’s branding, and include details about your event on your association’s website.

Summing Up

At last,  there is a very important aspect you need to take into account. Like when you start hosting your hybrid conference, make sure that everyone on your team has the best virtual conference platforms installed and aligned with their system hardware configuration. Next, while planning the conference, know your audience, set the date & time, and define your goals, objectives, and promotional channels. All these details are quite important to know and then plan an marketing strategy and rely on it. If you do such practice there are many more chances you will going to host an incredible virtual conference. Best of luck and thanks for reading to the end. 

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