How to Draw Daffy Duck Easily

Draw Daffy Duck

How to Draw Daffy Duck. There are many classic cartoon characters in the history of animation that are loved all over the world!

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The Looney Tunes cartoons, which began in the 1930s, presented many personalities that are still prevalent today.

The naughty Daffy Duck is one of the numerous popular of these personalities and has appeared in many media, including TV shows, flicks, video plays, and more.

Now it’s your turn to complete a new experience for this surface by understanding to draw Daffy Duck!

We recommend working through this tutorial if you want to know how to do it easily.

How to Draw Daffy Duck

Step 1

To get started with this tutorial on how to draw Daffy Duck, let’s start by drawing his face and beak. Start by drawing two thin oval shapes side by side.

The oval on the right will be slightly thinner to show perspective. Next, make sure to draw more rounded shapes inside the eye outline for their pupils.

You can then pull his beak to give him a smiling countenance.

The beak will be the toughest part of the entire drawing, so do your best to replicate the curved stripes shown in our contact picture exactly as they occur.

Finally, draw some additional curved stripes for the top of his head, including three pointed shapes protruding from the top.

Finish this step by drawing more lines for his neck, and then we can continue.

Step 2

Daffy Duck has a fairly slim, lean body and a set of limbs, and in this step, we’ll add the first of those limbs to Daffy Duck’s drawing.

Before we do that, let’s add some details to his face first. You can start by drawing a tongue in his mouth, and then you can draw points for his nostrils.

Next, use a few more curved lines to raise his skinny arm, and then he’ll end up in hand with long, thin fingers.

Once all of these have been extracted, it’s time for step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

In this third stage of our direction on how to draw Daffy Duck, we will draw another arm for him.

This will go to the left side and be folded over to have the hand curled at the waist.

This arm also has sharp curved lines across the shoulder, as indicated in our contact picture.

To finish this step, we’ll add another line for the back, extending under the shoulder. That’s all there is to this step, so let’s move on now!

Step 4

Please proceed with your drawing of Daffy Duck; now, you can add the rest of his body outline.

First, use curved lines to draw the front of his chest. These lines extend to pointed tips to show his chest is feathered.

His chest area will be quite thin, so you can use rounded lines that spread out for the lower half of his body.

His lower body will be larger and rounder than his chest. It ends up with some small rounded shapes at the base of its body since its legs will extend later.

Step 5

Your picture is almost completely drawn, but some important functions still need to be added!

We will draw these in this stage of our direction on how to draw Daffy Duck while preparing you for the last step.

The main feature to add in this stage is her legs; you can draw some curved lines coming down from these feathery shapes at the base of her body.

We will then draw his feet to the base of his legs. Each foot will extend outward, and it will also be large and webbed.

Draw them with a few rounder lines culminating in three fingers at the end of each.

Once her legs are drawn, do you add any background or extra detail? This is your chance to get creative before moving on to the final step, so make sure you have fun!

Step 6

This character might not be the most colorful cartoon ever created, but he still has an amazing color combination!

We kept the various appearances clean in our reference image, using black for its body and bright orange for its legs and beak. We also used red and pink tones for the mouth and tongue to finish it!

Your Daffy Duck Drawing is Finished!

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