Hiring a Laundry Room Designer? Here Are 5 Things to Consider:

Laundry room designers

The laundry room is a common space in every home utilised daily, which never receives the care it needs. Remodelling a laundry room is a huge endeavour to some, just like any other home improvement project. Even though it is a small room, the layout and all the details, like the wall colour and the built-in hanging racks, may significantly reduce the hassle of washing day. There are ways to carry it out correctly. Laundry room designers know how to make a practical, attractive laundry arrangement.

Here are five factors to take into account while designing your laundry room:

1. The Right Location

The location of your laundry room concerning the design of your home is one of the most important things to take into account. Start by taking into account your way of living and the available space. When your washer or dryer is on, it may disturb your sleep or your entertainment area. It is preferable to put your laundry in a utility area away from living spaces and bedrooms to avoid that situation. In Europe, washer-dryers are generally in restrooms despite being an unpopular choice. But it is ultimately a practical decision.

2. Layout

The second thing you should do is decide what you will keep and how you will utilise your laundry. To save time, simplify the washing, drying, and packing cycle, and minimise double handling. Make sure there is adequate room to walk about securely and comfortably while keeping in mind the process. Elevating appliances might be useful to prevent bending or crouching.

3. Storage

You should include laundry room storage in your remodelling plans since having enough space for storage in your laundry is invaluable. Along with having enough countertops for folding and arranging laundry, you also need to ensure enough storage. Combine shelving, overhead storage, drawers, and counter space for the ideal storage centre.

4. Appliances

Selecting your appliances is the next stage in your laundry decor. Although many washers and dryers are available in regular sizes, many more are exceptionally broad, tall, or wide. If you have designed a beautiful new laundry room with the help of a laundry room designer, you want to avoid discovering that your ideal equipment will misfit. Sometimes there will be significant gaps at each end of your washer when you intended for an incorporated look.

5. Natural Lighting

Ensure you have enough ventilation through a window in case of a laundry room situated on an external wall. Design your laundry room to become a better space with windows. You would like a counter place where you could fold your materials. No matter what, make sure there is enough lighting, either from windows or a skylight.

Final Thoughts

When planning and decorating your laundry room, you must consider the things said above, including a few others. Only your creativity can restrict your selections. If you have begun to take some of the possibilities mentioned above, your new laundry room might need more area than you previously anticipated. It is time to think a little big if you are accustomed to working in a cramped, disorganised laundry room. Plan your new house or villa with a laundry room in mind. Employ a laundry room designer, and you will be pleased you did when you move in.

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