Critical Facts About Custom Printed Die Cut Folders

Critical Facts About Custom Printed Die Cut Folders

Die cut folders are used for presentation folders as they have been designed specifically for your schools, colleges, universities, and office works. The die cut folders are a great way to ensure that your documents or presentation folders stand out from the competition. They are in curved shapes, and inside the folders, there are pockets where you can easily adjust your small documents. 

It is designed and printed per the buyer’s requirements and specifications of the die-cutting folder. Custom die-cut folders are unique in terms of their design and printing. Another form of the folder is a paper folder equal to any printed item in the online industry in terms of price, quality, and creativity. These folders help protect your documents and advertise your business as well.

Custom Presentation Folders For Lasting Impression:

Investment in high-quality materials and folder printing techniques can ensure that your custom folders will create a lasting impression on your customers. These folders will allow you to showcase your brand stylishly and professionally that can be customized to include your company contact information, logo, and other essential details. With the help of various folder design options, you can create a presentation folder that perfectly reflects your brand.

Printing Techniques For Folders:

Custom die cut folders will only be very effective with the unique designs; print quality is low. The selection of printing techniques comes into play. The print quality is determined using three factors;  the material,  the color model, and the printing technique employed.

The commonly used printing techniques for custom die-cut folders are given below:

  1. Digital Printing
  2. Offset Printing 

Color Schemes For Die Cut Folders:

The color schemes used for die cut folders that are commonly used such as:

  1. CMYK Color Model
  2. PMS Color Model

The CMYK color model (cyan, magenta, yellow, and critical) for creating various other colors. This color model is ideal when you want different colors or tones in your artwork. 

The PMS color model (Pantone Matching System) uses solid colors when you reach out and go to the packaging for your die cut folders, which will help you select the right combination of material and printing technique. 

Commonly Used Material For Folders:

Wholesale die cut folders can be crafted using various types of materials. However, the decision should be taken seriously because the material selection will determine the print quality you can achieve and how durable your wholesale die cut folders will be once created. 

Some of the commonly used materials for die cutting folders are:

  1. Textured Material
  2. Card Stock Material
  3. Kraft Material
  4. Rigid Material

Textured Material:

Die cut folders are the best way to choose textured material. It can help you leave a long-lasting impression on your consumers and ensure they remember your brand.

Card Stock Material:

Card stock material is lighter than paperboard material but heavier than standard writing paper. It is the primary choice when trying to achieve good print and high-quality material. However, it offers limited strength and should be used only when your custom die cut folders feature a simple design.

Kraft Material:

The patterns have been changed regarding environmental friendly, and if you want to promote your business eco-friendly, choose Kraft material. Kraft material is not only biodegradable, but it also protects your die cut folders from moisture and can help you in the marketing of your brand as well.

Rigid Material:

Do you want your intense buyers to be amazed by your die cut folders? Do you want them to feel a soft touch when interacting with your wholesale die cut folders? If yes, then you should choose rigid material. Because of this, it offers exceptional print quality and is quite sturdy.

Add-Ons Features For Folders:

With the help of add-ons, you have chosen the material for your die cut folders. These features can help you further customize your custom die cut folders, making them even more outlook and fun to interact with customers.

Some of the popular add-ons are:

  1. Embossing on die cut folders
  2. Foiling for die cut folders
  3. Debossing on pass-cut folders
  4. Raised ink (spot UV) on die cut folders
  5. Card inserts for die cut folders


Die cut folders are creatively designed to attract your buyers. This design is created while keeping your brand in mind, and the resulting folder is found that has the potential to amaze your intended consumers. If you want to custom die cut folders that are intuitively designed and cost-effectively manufactured, then let’s create spectacular wholesale die cut folders for your business.

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