Display Your Beautiful Body Wave Hair Effortlessly

There are so many choices available for a good hairstyle. A long body wave hair will bring you so many benefits: You will look glorious and you can always fall back on wavy hair to get noticed when you attend any party with body wave hair of 18 inches. Have you ever wondered what body wave 18-inch hair looks like? If not, then look no further as here we provide basic information about 18-inch body wave hair: what it is, its characteristics, and durability. Along with that, we will also share some tips for seamlessly maintaining your body wave hair.

What is Body Wave 18-inch hair?

The body wave 18-inch hair is a kind of loose that looks very natural and stress-free. It possesses the character of straight and curly waves. The curls of the body wave look relaxed. If you are not satisfied with straight hair and are interested in curls, the body wave can be your first choice. Mixing body waves with your own hair can help your hair to look more natural.


The length of the hair is measured from its roots to its tail. Body wave 18-inch hair is a perfect medium length that is well-suited to create good fashion vibes. In case, you want to know the conversion of 18 inches into centimeters, you will see that 18-inch hair equals to 45 centimeters.

You can also consider measuring hair in terms of body height. The body wave hair of 18 inches generally reaches a person’s elbow, depending on their height or body proportion. However, in general, it does look medium, not too long or too short.

How long does the body wave last?

People looking for hairdressing products are concerned about their shelf life before buying them. Besides the price, they also need to know the quality of hairdressing products and other factors that have an impact on the shelf life. The best body waves can last about 4-6 months. However, if some extra precautions are taken, their shelf life can be extended up to about one year.  

Care Tips

  1. Comb

Comb your hair from the tip to prevent falling off.

  1. Rinse

Rinse with cold or warm water (avoid hot water) from root to end.

  1. Shampoo

Massage the hair with shampoo by hand to loosen it, and massage it in a circle. After that, wash the hair with cold/warm water from root to end and gently squeeze excess water.

  1. Condition

Dry your hair with a towel wipe, apply nourishing conditioner to the hair, and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing. 

  1. Blow Dry

Put the hair wig on a rack to dry and apply some hair essence to lock the moisture. Or you can also let it dry overnight if you want to air-dry it.

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