What is WHMCS and Is It Important for Linux Reseller Hosting in Netherlands?

What is WHMCS and Is It Important for Linux Reseller Hosting in Netherlands?


With more and more businesses working towards an online presence, the demand for websites and web hosting services is on the rise. While big hosting companies are already providing reliable and tested hosting platforms, hosting resellers are also taking over the market with one-on-one client support.

And, to have one-on-one client support you’ll need to add a WHMCS hosting system that provides a cart system and manages your billing system. However, many companies provide WHMCS with a hosting plan and some don’t. So let’s have a quick look at what is WHMCS and whether is it important for Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in Netherlands. Also, you’ll know about Hostbillo hosting solution that delivers the WHMCS system with the reseller plans as an add-on facility.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS provides a wide solution to manage the web space that’s why is named a Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is software that is designed for hosting resellers to manage their business effectively. It simplifies your interactions with the clients and allows you to manage billing, support, orders, domain registrations, and others. 

Using this application, you can automate different billing processes, including account provisioning (signups and terminations), domain management, email reminders, and more. So, if you hold a Linux Reseller Hosting company in Netherlands then the WHMCS solution is a must-have tool to manage your business. Now, let’s get further to the article to know more about WHMCS.

Why Is WHMCS Important for Linux Reseller Hosting Businesses in Netherlands?

Why Is WHMCS Important for Linux Reseller Hosting Businesses in Netherlands?

Why will not a WHMCS solution be important for resellers? As this provides a complete solution to manage the business without anyone’s help then it is very crucial for Linux Hosting resellers in the Netherlands. There are some major functions by which you can use this solution. So, let’s discuss that now.


If you are doing billing and payment system manually for each client then here is a solution for you. WHMCS enables its users to automate the entire billing and payment process. It allows you to handle invoice generation, account creation, suspension/termination, etc. So, to avoid manual processing, you can add a WHMCS solution with Linux Reseller Hosting Netherlands plans.


In the client area of the dashboard, WHMCS allows you to handle the customer support process by using an automated ticketing system. In this system, customers can easily raise a ticket and this will show on the cPanel. The client area also allows you to publish articles and other content for your customers. For example, you can provide Knowledge Base articles to help your customers publish SEO-friendly content. So, to provide the best support as a Linux hosting reseller in Netherlands, you should add the WHMCS solution to your business platform.


One of the top features that WHMCS provide is security and that’s why it is a widely known business solution. It delivers high-end security and reliability to the resellers which makes their business information more secure. It keeps you updated with security alerts and invalid login attempt protection. You can totally rely on WHMCS security, it is totally a trustworthy network for Linux reseller hosting Netherlands.

Data Manager

WHMCS provides a client dashboard where you can manage and collect your client’s information and data. It provides a complete solution that helps you get the data in one place for all your clients. Several tabs provide specific information, such as client details, products/services, invoices, emails, and transactions. So, with Linux Reseller Hosting Plans Netherlands, you should think of adding WHMCS solutions for your business.

Billing and Payments

Solutions like WHMCS that automate the system to send auto-generated invoices to each of your clients should be included in your Linnxu reseller web hosting Netherlands plan. It provides different automation functions for the billing and payment process. By using this, you can send payment reminders to your clients. WHMCS automation will remind your customers by email in advance of an unpaid invoice’s due date.

Get a WHMCS Solution for Linux Reseller Web Hosting in Netherlands

If you are looking for getting a WHMCS solution with your Linux Reseller Hosting Netherlands services then Hostbillo is here to help you. Hostbillo is a web hosting company that offers different types of hosting services in Netherlands at an affordable cost price. The host also delivers its hosting solutions all around the world.

Hostbillo provides its Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting services with a variety of price ranges in Netherlands. You can also buy WHMCS solutions with the plan that also come at a reasonable rate.

The top features that Hostbillo’s WHMCS Solutions include are-

  • Automatic and Easy Billing
  • Advanced Account Creation with Suspension and Termination automation
  • Integrated instant client support services
  • Easy to Track payments and show statistical reports
  • Support multiple languages for Control Panel and Email
  • Custom-made Control panel using Templates

So, Hostbillo is the best hosting provider from whom you can get WHMCS solutions for your Linux reseller web hosting business in Netherlands.

Final Words

In short, we can say, WHMCS solutions are very much important if you are starting a reseller business. WHMCS will provide a complete solution by automating the billing and payment process. It helps you more focus on your business and not do payment billings manually.

As we have already discussed the solution will also help you generate the invoices and manage the data, so for a Linux Reseller Hosting Netherlands business, it is the best option. Moreover, hosts like Hostbillo provides a WHMCS solution with its reseller hosting packages as an add-on. So, if you are interested then you can buy from them. They deliver 24*7 customer support services and provide solutions to every customer’s problems. So, you can grab the finest deal and get the best Linux reseller hosting plans in Netherlands with WHMCS from Hostbillo.